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From Students:

These instructors have a real gift for simplifying the practice when nothing in our lives feels simple.

Tamara, Student

I thought all the tips and advice given were so useful during these times...I struggle to stay in the moment and need to practice the grounding techniques and body scanning.

Sandra, Student

These instructors are so down to earth and nice! They are easy to engage with and genuinely care for the people they are teaching.

Anonymous, Student

From Clients:

My team and I participated in 'Prioritizing Self Care' and found it incredibly helpful. Almost immediately afterwards, I began receiving messages from staff expressing gratitude for the value of this session - and within 24 hours we had begun to implement strategies for self care in the workplace. It was pretty incredible., I would absolutely recommend booking this session.

Corrina, Client

Working with The Balanced Wellness Centre is easy. I am able to create diverse and engaging workplace wellness programs for my staff. They understand the needs of my staff and work within my budget - they coordinate everything. The only thing to do is invite the staff.

Steve, Client

I look forward to sessions that the Balanced Wellness Centre provides. There is something for everyone and it's always nice to come together as a staff team for something that is engaging, relaxing and unique.

Tiffany, Client

Lauren did a great job of making us all feel comfortable throughout the session.

Anonymous, Client